Elect Leah Crowley


My name is Leah Crowley, and I’m running for Board of Education. My husband, Pat, and I have lived in Winston-Salem for 17 years. As a mother of four children who attend public school, I know firsthand how a safe, nurturing learning environment is vital to the growth, well being, and future of all of our children. 

Helping children has always been my passion. In fact, I have volunteered in over 20 schools in the county, either as a PTA officer, tutor, Girls On The Run coach, or as an instructor to 3rd graders about child abuse.  I have also served on numerous local and non-profit boards. 

I am running for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Board of Education because I want to make a difference. Education is more than about reading and writing. The arts, athletics, and the sense of community are also a part of what make healthy and happy children.

As your School Board representative, 

  • I promise to be open and accessible to our community;
  • I am for school choice, with capacity considerations to prevent overcrowding;
  • I am for access and equity and improving the neighborhood and magnet schools we have; 
  • I will advocate for resources to be devoted to training teachers to address learning differences; and
  • I am for supplying students with the tools they need to achieve success.

Please give me your support for a position on your District 2 Board of Education.

I need YOUR vote!